Haley Cage is a former Youth Leader for the BU Tobacco and Vaping Prevention Program. She attended Simmons High School and was an honor student and participated in dual enrollment. She is currently enrolled at Mississippi State University and majoring in Biology (Pre- Med). Haley was chosen to be a Youth Ambassador for The Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids. The following interview with Haley Cage was conducted by BU Youth Leader Roderick Mathews, Jr.

Q: How has being a BU Youth Leader impacted you?
A: Being a youth leader impacted my perspective about my surroundings. I began to understand why people choose to do the things they do.

Q: What did you enjoy most about being a BU Youth Leader?
A: I enjoyed being a youth leader for many reasons because I was able to influence people decisions. The program helped me be more social and connect with people better.

Q: What is the purpose of Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids and your role as an Ambassador?
A: The purpose of this campaign is to inform youth of all ages about the harmful effects of tobacco. The decision is theirs to make, so we try our best to inform them about possibilities. We know you cannot reach everybody, but knowledgeable smokers are better than careless ones. We inspire the youth to be true to themselves and not fall victim to peer pressure. As a youth ambassador it is my job to inform and influence smokers and nonsmokers. I will provide knowledge to the youth about the harmful effects of tobacco and try to make a change.

Q: What advice or words of wisdom would you like to share with other BU Youth Leaders or youth in general?
A: My words of advice is to be honest with yourself and fully think out every decision you make.

Last year, Haley Cage stated, “I believe in the principals of freedom, change and equality for all.” We believe that Haley is on the right path in making a difference and a change in this world for the better. We wish her the absolute best on her future endeavors.